a Bulgaria-based
agency that
provides solutions
to unconventional
projects worldwide.


With projects on almost every continent and a rich history we provide a level of expertise and adaptability to an ever changing working climate.

We are a part of the system and we know very well how it works. And we use the tools of the system to bend the rules by doing the things our way.

So far we have exported Bulgarian art in the Europalia festival organising 136 events in 2002.

We brought the first Pablo Picasso, Diego Rivera and Frida Khalo Exhibitions in Bulgaria.

We have 16 years of experience in organising events for the World Jewish Congress across the globe – Budapest, Berlin, Buenos Aires, New York, Washington, Geneva, Zurich, Kyiv, Rome, Thessaloniki, Jerusalem, Munich, Brussels, Prague, Lisbon, London, Krakow, Bucharest, Ottawa, Tel Aviv, Bucharest, Paris, Milan.

We created Livecasts a web-streaming platform which today still serves many major EU institutions in Brussels.  

We are passionate about extreme sports and co-own the unique in its kind X Challenge Park through which we have organised over 30 sports events, concerts, art exhibitions etc.  

We have produced numerous video clips and documentaries over the years.

We have partnered with organisations such as the European Parliament, UNESCO, USC Shoah Foundation, UN, Auschwitz Birkenau Memorial Foundation in organising high level events with Heads of State and dignitaries.

And in these Covid times we have helped organising virtual gatherings.